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Saint-Jean-de-Losne - Quai National - Gare d'Eau - Quai du Canal.
GPS coordinates : Latitude 47.1 - Longitude : 5.25

Welcome of the exhibitors

Saturday, April 25 9h Welcome coffee at the booth Organizer
Saturday, April 26th, 7:30 pm Professional evening

Booth set up

Friday April 24th at 4pm/ Saturday April 25st from 7:00pm

Booth take down

Must do on Sunday April 26st from 6pm

Dates and hours open to the public

Saturday, April 25: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday 26 April: 10 am - 6 pm


See the regulations

Rules of procedure

Admission to the "Salon Fluvial"

1. The registration file must be returned complete with the payment within the prescribed time. In case of cancellation, no refund can be requested.
2. The natural or legal person who wishes to rent a stand must read these rules and accept them without reservation. It must certify on the honor to benefit from a liability insurance.


1. The organizer is insured in Civil Liability. He does not answer for damages that the exhibitors could cause to the third party. The community of communes "Rives de Saône" declines any responsibility concerning the damages and prejudices which could be undergone
by exhibitors for any reason whatsoever (delay, loss, theft or destruction of exhibition equipment ...)
2. The "Rives de Saône" Community of Communes declines any responsibility in case of theft, disappearance or destruction of equipment belonging to the exhibitors. Each exhibitor must be insured against theft and damage.
3. Please join necessarily an insurance certificate.

Plan and car park

1. The Community of communes Rives de Saône and the city of Saint-Jean-de-Losne draw up the plan of the "Salon Fluvial" and make the distribution of stands by taking into account most widely possible of the desires expressed by the exhibitors and the security plan.


1. Stand decoration is carried out by the exhibitors and under their exclusive responsibility in compliance with the safety standards in force. They must be in possession of all necessary documents or certificates.
2. Exhibitors must not obstruct aisles or encroach on them and in no way hinder their neighbors and the passage of help.
3. Exhibitors are required to know and comply with the security measures imposed by the public authorities.

Installation and dismantling

1. The installation will make on Friday, April 24th from 4:00 pm or Saturday, April 25st between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.
2. The dismantling will be made on Sunday, April 26st from 6:00 pm.
3. The exhibitors will have to leave locations in the state where they will have found them.
4. You can rent directly a tent with companies :
SARL SCENE PLUS 2 IMPASSE Jean François Crassin 21600 LONGVIC
Phone :
Email :

Image - Photos - Identity

The exhibitor authorizes the Organizer to publish, in digital or printed form, the information provided in the registration form for the exhibition in any medium relating to the exhibition (brochure, website, etc.). Unless the exhibitor expressly wishes otherwise, the Organizer is authorized to use, in any communication medium or prospecting document, their name and image (sign, logo, products or services, exhibition space) for the purposes advertising and promotion of the show. Unless the exhibitor expressly wishes otherwise, the Organizer is also authorized to photograph or have the exhibitor photographed during the entire duration of the exhibition. He may make use of said photographs and distribute them to promote his activities on any medium, unless the exhibitor expressly objects. An exhibitor who is not an opponent is presumed to have obtained the authorization of his employees, subcontractors or agents for the use of their image by the Organizer during the show. The responsibility of the Organizer cannot be sought due to the distribution for the needs of the show, in France and abroad, in digital or printed format, of the image of the exhibitor or of its space. exhibition, sign, brand, staff, products or services.

Force majeure

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the opening date or duration of the show, as well as to decide on its cancellation or early closure, in the event of the occurrence or threat of the occurrence of a case of force majeure constituted by a outside event, unpredictable and irresistible, during the dates set for the show. The Organizer may also, except in cases of force majeure, take such decisions if a regulatory text compels it or invites it to do so. The Organizer will inform the exhibitor of any modification or cancellation, as soon as possible, by any means at its convenience (email, mail, telephone call, telephone message). The exhibitor may not claim any compensation or compensation for the damage suffered. In particular, he will not be able to obtain reimbursement of the registration fees from the Organizer.

Where we are

If you need any information our team is happy to answer your questions.

The Mairie of St Jean de Losne
Communauté de commune Rives de Saône

Contact us

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