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St Jean de Losne is defined by the river Saône waterfront. For all time – and for all purposes – this ( Burgundian ) river has been a motivating force for both the town and its economic activity. Today the commercial cargo barge traffic has been replaced by fluvial, pleasure boats tourism. The local businesses – for some of them globally known – adapted their activities in this direction and offer now a wide range of pleasure boat services. The grouping of several municipalities – named « Rives de Saône » -in charge of developing the local economy

and tourism helps this evolution by different means such as workshops with students, ehancement of the local fluvial heritage and promotion of the waterways and its infrastructure in partnership with the Burgundy/Franche Comté region. This « Salon Fluvial »  is a showcase for the local businesses to demonstrate their « savoir faire » . A rendez-vous for boat enthusiasts from far and wide. Welcome to the Saône river, enjoy !

Jean-Luc SOLLER – president of “Rives de Saône”

Who organizes the boat show ?

Partners and Actors

For many years Saint Jean de Losne has been the « must » stop of  inland waterways boaters. Located at a junction of different waterways the local professionnals managed to make the transition from the cargo barge activity to pleasure boat tourism.

« Rives de Saône »  the grouping of municipalities with the Saint jean de Losne council, foster the synergy in between the professionnals, the non-profit associations, the consular chamber and the local communities in order to make  this boatshow a convivial rendez-vous  for inland waterways tourism.

Please come and participate in this unique French inland waterways show .

Why should you come and be part of it ?

Saint Jean de Losne being the number one waterways center in France,
this boatshow is the reference for  boat enthusiasts.

The Waterways world meets in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Located at a junction of waterways, Saint Jean de Losne is the essential national and international canals and rivers tourism reference  for  boating professionnals , boat lovers and the general public.
The river Saône, the upper Saône, the Burgundy Canal, the Rhône to the Rhine Canal, the Canal du Centre, the canal in between the Champagne region and the Burgundy region, the river Seine ; are many potential destinations to cruise from Saint-Jean-de-Losne.

The amount of moorings  in the port and the number of  local boat professionnals make St Jean de Losne the first inland waterways site in Europe.

Be present with us at the « salon fluvial » to meet up with a large public in the heart of  the Burgundy Franche-Compté region . Centrally located  between the Paris region and Switzerland, between Champagne and Beaujolais, between the Rhône-Alpes and the Loire region.

Be present at the « salon fluvial » either to organise a conference, get a general meeting together, invite your clients, your staff and find out about this international unmissable event.


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The Mairie of St Jean de Losne
Communauté de commune Rives de Saône

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